League Guidelines

The Warhammer club at Flipside Gaming is hosting an 8-week 6-game Summer league for Warhammer 40,000. This league will use the ITC Champion's Missions. Registration will be done in the store itself and will be $15 to participate in the entire League.

If you have any questions, please email the organizer. We can also get you set up with a Discord account if you want to join our group's online community. Just let us know when you email us.


Lists will be 2000pts and use Matched Play standard. 

Each week, you are allowed to remove just ONE unit in your army to change your list either by adding options to other units and/or add different units. If a Codex drops during the League, you are allowed to totally change your list in the week following the release.

You are not required to submit your list ahead of time.

Paint Requirements

Players are encouraged to paint their army throughout the League and end with a fully painted army for judging at the end.


We ask that players let the organizers know whether they can make it to games by Sunday night so that pairings can be generated. We will be using as close to swiss pairings as possible. 

Scoring and Prizes

We'll be using standard ITC scoring for best general (most wins with battle points tiebreaker). With six games, it's possible that you can still win best General with a loss. We'll also have a best Overall, best Painted (scored at the end of the League), and door prizes. 

Players can miss up to two weeks. Any games you miss less than six will be counted as losses at zero Battle Points.

This is an ITC ranked event.