Registration and Prizes

Entry Fees

The Kill Team Campaign League Registration fee will be $10 and payable at the register. The fee pays for the Organized Play pack and any additional door prizes. We will also be doing a raffle for $1 per ticket.


All players get a set of Tactics cards and a set of dice when they register. Players get a set of acrylic objective markers after their first 4 games played. At the end of each heat, players win a button.

Additional prizes will be based on number of games played with fully painted and WYSIWYG kill teams. You will get 1 chance per game played and 1 chance per raffle ticket. At the end of the league, raffle tickets will be drawn from a hat. Players are only eligible for one prize. 

Trophies will be given to the last three players standing without Guerilla status. Effort will be made to ensure these players have the same number of games played under their belt.