Please refer to the Games Workshop official rules addenda:


    • All players begin the campaign with a score of 8 in each Resource.
    • The campaign ends when all but three players are at zero Resources or on the last week, whichever comes first


    • The league will be played in three heats.
    • Games are divided into four per heat.
    • Players are encouraged to play at least one League game per week.
    • A player may not play the same opponent consecutively. 
    • Players are encouraged to accept challenges from other players. A player is not required to accept a challenge from another player who has twice the resources they have.


    • Both players can agree to play a specific scenario (such as one of the special scenarios in the starter sets or a custom scenario based on your teams' narrative) or use some other alternative selection method. If they cannot agree or don't care, players should use the random scenario selection table on page 203 of the Kill Team rulebook.
    • If a scenario causes a player to lose enough of a Resources they go below zero (0) in that resource, then they must lose other resources of their choice instead. 
    • Players may choose any points level they care to agree upon, up to 150 points. If players can't agree on a points level, then they must play at 100 points.

    Teams and Recruiting

    Where they contradict, these rules supersede the rules for recruiting and disbanding in the rulebook. All other rules still apply. If it doesn't make sense, bring it up and it will be clarified. As such, these rules are subject to adjustment throughout the course of the campaign until we find a sweet spot.

    • Rosters start with any 12 models, 4 of which are specialists.
    • Players may recruit 1 team member between games, but they must still be fully painted and WYSIWYG. This new team member may either be added to an existing Fire Team or be a Specialist. Obviously, if your roster does not have a Leader, then this new team member must be a Leader.
    • In place of recruiting a new team member, a player may disband one or more of their existing fire teams and form one new fire team with the same number of models plus 1.
    • Players are allowed to start entirely new rosters, but they start with 12 models, 4 of which are specialists and at the same Resource level as their previous roster and a -1 penalty to each Resource on top of that.

    Injuries and Advancing

    • Use the injury and advancement rules from 204-205 of the rulebook.
    • Another player must clearly witness all injury and advancement resolution. You must clearly state all rolls before they are made.
    • Don't forget that Kill Team can be mean, nasty, and unfair in the game itself, so try not to sweat the small stuff. Shake off the dust and move on to the next game.


    • You may recruit any number of Specialists to your Roster. Obviously, all rules for teams are still in effect, so you may not have more than one of each type of Specialist in a Team and you may only have the default number of Specialists in a Team unless a special rule allows you to break that rule.
    • Don't forget that higher-level specialists cost more points.

    Adepta Sororitas

    • The homebrew Adepta Sororitas rules from Masters of the Forge will be allowed, but expect adjustments to be made as the campaign progresses as we fine-tune the balance.
    • Note that at the moment this list is only the Battle Sisters with their Heavy and Special weapon alternatives. No other units in the Index (or, especially, legacy codexes) are currently represented.
    • No other homebrew is allowed at this point.