Tournament Format

This event is our annual prep tournament for the Goldensprue Cup. We'll be testing out the missions, terrain, rules, and rubrics. Head on down for some 40k fun! Do note that there is a hobby requirement for this event!

Players will compete in 3 rounds with pairings managed by the Best Coast Pairings app. 

  • All lists for the GT must follow the standard ITC format. In essence, 2000 points matched play. 
  • List Submission:
    • Lists must be....
      • Submitted through the BCP app
      • Submitted by December 3 evening
      • Pasted in plain text format - NO UPLOADS and NO STATS. All uploads will be deleted. (If you use Battlescribe, use the following export format: MINIMAL output, FLATTENED force layout, ALL COSTS included, NO CATEGORIES, NO PROFILES, NO RULES, NO CUSTOM NAMES, TITLE AND TOTALS for Header/Footer)
    • Lists must include
      • Your name
      • Your faction (don't make us calculate it)
      • Warlord
      • That Warlord's Warlord Trait
      • All Psychic Powers for any Psykers; and
      • The free Relic available from the Warlord's faction.
      • These options may not change throughout the tournament.
    • Players need not specify whether they are purchasing or allocating any additional Relics, Warlord traits, or any other benefits gained from stratagem-based upgrades.
  • Please help us check lists if you have time. If you see a problem, leave a comment under the list submission. Thanks!
  • All players must bring at least 4 paper copies of their list for their opponents.
  • The tournament will use the ITC Champion's Missions.
  • Players are required to use chess clocks for their games. The event organizers have physical chess clocks for a most tables, but players should also be prepared by downloading a chess clock app on their smartphones.

Battle Scoring

Using the ITC Champion's missions, maximum Battle Points for the tournament are 126. The Best General winner will be the undefeated player with the most battle points.

For Best Overall, your Battle Points will be factored into a relativity equation so that they have the same impact as Appearance and Sportsmanship.

Appearance Scoring 

The player with the best appearance score will win Best Appearance with tiebreakers being decided by the players voting for favorite army.

    Maximum Appearance score for the tournament: 20pts

    For Best Overall, your Appearance score will be factored into a relativity equation so that it has the same impact as Battle Points and Sportsmanship.

    All models must be painted. Conversions are allowed; proxies are not. Check out our rubric and hobby requirements for more info. Note there are new guidelines for 2019, so GSC veterans should take note of these changes.

    Sportsmanship Scoring

    At the end of the tournament, each player will offer a vote for Favorite Opponent and a Second-Favorite Opponent. Each Favorite Opponent vote is worth 5 points and each Second Favorite Opponent vote is worth 3 points. Each player also receives 5 points if no complaints are lodged against them throughout the tournament. 

    Maximum Sportsmanship score for the tournament: 15pts. Check out our rubric and hobby requirements for more info.

    For Best Overall, your Sportsmanship score will be factored into a relativity equation so that it has the same impact as Battle Points and Appearance.