Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 9:00am

Come on down and help us test our format for the Goldensprue Cup.

Players will compete in 3 rounds with pairings managed by the Best Coast Pairings app. This will be an ITC ranked event.


Age of Sigmar Format

  • Each Army will be created using the Generals Handbook 2018 consisting of up to 2000pts using Matched play rules.  Your armies general, artefacts, Command Traits, Prayers, Realm, etc. must be clearly stated on your printed army lists.
  • Four copies of your printed list need to be brought to the event.  (All lists must be printed using the Azyr App or Warscroll builder.)
  • In all cases where players can ‘pick or roll’ an additional item/spell/command trait players must choose rather than rolling. This choice must be clearly marked on your list, and cannot change between games.
  • Triumph bonuses will be used in the event as per Core Rules.
  • Endless Spells will be allowed in the event as per Malign Sorcery Rules. 
  • Realm Artefacts and Realm Spells will be used.
  • Realms of Battle Rules will be used.  The Realm and Realmscape Feature have been predetermined and are listed alongside each Scenario in the scoring packet players will receive. (We will not be using Ghur in this tournament for ease of play reasons.)
  • The objectives used in missions do not have height, and units can move over/across/stand on them without penalty.  Distance from an objective is measured from the center of the Objective Marker.
  • Proxies, Conversions, and Third Party Miniatures will be allowed, but must clearly represent the warscroll.  If you are unsure if your model(s) meet these requirements please email the event staff.  All Army Scenery must either be Games Workshop model or match specifics of the original model in size, footprint, and volume.
  • Appropriately sized round/oval bases are required for the event.
  • There is no painting requirement for this event, though proxies are not allowed. 
  • Firestorm allegiances and abilities will be allowed at the event.
  • All scenery pieces except Hills and ArmySpecificTerrain will use the Mysterious Terrain rules from the Scenery Table from the Core rules. (Roll before you determine sides).

Battle Scoring

At the end of each game, you and your opponent will need to record your results on your event card, and then hand in your results to the event staff at the same time. We need you to do this as promptly as possible so that the next game can be organised straight away. Each game lasts two hours and thirty minutes, and once the game ends, you will have five minutes to record your result with the events team. To determine the winner of each game, use the victory conditions as laid out in the mission. Once you know the result, you will record it on your event card using the following system:

  • Major Victory – 6 points
  • Minor Victory – 4 points
  • Draw the game – 2 points
  • Lose the game – 0 points

For each game you will also need to record on your event packet the following information, which will be used as a tiebreaker should the need arise.


If players earn the same GT score by the end of the heat or grand final, we will use the following tiebreaker to establish final rankings. 

  • Total points value of enemy units destroyed (including any summoned units)

Appearance Scoring 

The player with the best appearance score will win Best Appearance with tiebreakers being decided by the players voting for favorite army.
Maximum Appearance score for the tournament: 20pts

For Best Overall, your Appearance score will be factored into a relativity equation so that it has the same impact as Battle Points and Sportsmanship.

All models must be painted. Conversions are allowed; proxies are not. Check out our rubric and hobby requirements for more info. Note there are new guidelines for 2019, so GSC veterans should take note of these changes.

Sportsmanship Scoring

At the end of the tournament, each player will offer a vote for Favorite Opponent and a Second-Favorite Opponent. Each Favorite Opponent vote is worth 5 points and each Second Favorite Opponent vote is worth 3 points. Each player also receives 5 points if no complaints are lodged against them throughout the tournament. 

Maximum Sportsmanship score for the tournament: 30pts. Check out our rubric and hobby requirements for more info.

For Best Overall, your Sportsmanship score will be factored into a relativity equation so that it has the same impact as Battle Points and Appearance.